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Antique Bangles & Bracelets:

Bangles and bracelets are one of the most versatile ornaments that can uplift your appearance in a jiffy. They come in various intricate styles and designs. You can find lightweight minimalist bangles to heavy kadas or simple bangle bracelets to chain bracelets. No matter which designs you go for,  bangles and bracelets can grace your elegant wrists very favorably.  

One of the most popular bangle types is antique bangles and bracelets. Antique bangle designs come in two colours; antique gold bangles designs and antique silver bangles designs. Antique gold bangles designs have a golden hue whereas antique silver bangles designs have a lustrous grey hue. We understand that buying antique bangles online can be a task. Tarinika provides unique designs and high-quality antique temple bangles online.

Antique Gold Bangles & Bracelets:

Antique gold bangles designs are very popular among Indian women during festivals and weddings when everyone wants to look their best. Gold is a preferred precious metal and is of particular significance to Indian women. But due to their high price, real gold bangles or bracelets are not affordable to everyone. In such cases, fashion antique gold bangles & bracelets become a very attractive alternative. Given its popularity, high-quality, and affordable pricing, the demand for fashion jewellery is increasing day by day. There is a plethora of design options available in fashion antique gold bangles and bracelets. You can go for simple bangles like the  Abril Antique Bangles or  Trishu Antique Bangles if you are looking for something subtle. Abril antique bangles have minimalist peacock and floral designs which make them very attractive while Trishu antique bangles are very simple with high quality stones adding to their glamour. Tarinika has the best range of bangles online. Antique jewellery bangles will go best with your ethnicwear. 

In case you want to make a statement, then you can go for a bangle stack with thin light weight antique gold bangles stacked between antique kada bangles like the  Lakshana Antique Bangles. These antique bangles have a bold style with semi-precious stones, floral and ivy designs. You will have a gorgeous bangle stack to wear at special traditional events or weddings with antique kada bangles. Antique bangle sets will be your best friend. You can even wear traditional antique gold bangles designs on their own for a fashionable look. Heavy traditional antique gold bangles are so ornate that they look beautiful without the need to pair them with other bangles online also. Antique bracelets come in solid kada form or in adjustable chain designs. They can have floral, peacock, or tribal motifs with high-quality stones added to the designs. Antique bangles set look best when worn with other jewellery.

Antique Silver Bangles & Bracelets:

As mentioned above, antique silver bangles and bracelets have a lustrous grey colour with similar motifs to antique gold bangles. Antique bangle designs are always available at Tarinika. You can find tribal, peacock, floral, ivy, and leaf-patterned antique silver bangles in the market. The recently added   Maati Statement Filigree Antique Oxidized Bangles have an enchanting floral filigree pattern and make a great choice for fusion look whereas the  Binita Antique Bangles are a great choice for everyday look or making a stack of bangles. They have a boho-tribal-inspired minimal design pattern which can be comfortably styled with your dress or saree for a statement look. Our Maati Floral Antique Oxidized Bangles is something that will pair perfectly with your work wear. These Antique jewellery bangles will look best with other silver accessories like oxidised earrings and necklace. 

While buying antique bangles online, remember to find out your bangle size beforehand to save the hassles of sending back or exchanging the product. Tarinika offers you hassle free 14-days easy returns for all regular items. Visit our Shipping and Delivery page or Returns page to learn more. to learn more.

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