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An Ultimate Guide To Buy Bangles or Bracelets For Women

Bangles and bracelets in India are worn with pride by Indian women and are among the most popular hand accessories. Considered a symbol of luck, wealth and prosperity, the number, colour and intricacy of the bangles worn by a woman signify several things. The simplicity of bangles enhances your look and makes your outfit look more attractive.

When choosing a bangle or bracelet, there are certain things one should keep in their mind. You must select the right size, material, and style according to your attire and outfit.

We are here to help you choose your next favourite with our  ultimate guide to buying bangles or bracelets.

5 Most Popular Types Of Indian Bangles Designs For Women 

Our Bangle sets come in a variety of designs, colours and levels of intricacy. When buying such an essential ornament of  traditional Indian jewellery, you must consider the best options for your choice and style. There are different closure options with our bangles. While many are closed circles, some are hinged with a clasp. With that, we present to you our top five bangle designs. 

 1) Abril Antique Bangles

At the top of our list is Abril Antique Bangles. These bangles are boldly simple, with a pair of swans in the middle. Encrusted with high-quality stones, the design is modern and minimalistic, making it easy to pair the bangle whether you wear it for your office attire or a warm traditional in-house function. This particular bangle design can be paired with sarees and formal dresses, giving a look of simplicity to your outfit of the day.

2) Sira Antique Bangles

Sira Antique Bangles are a classic blend of traditional Indian bangles and a modern luxurious look. Studded with CZ stones and polished with a classy antique gold finish, these bangle sets can be paired beautifully with your traditional outfits to enhance the look of Indian ethnic wear. 

If you are looking for options for weddings or special events and want to avoid wearing heavy bangles, this design is for you. The complete lustrous look of this bangle set from top to bottom makes it one of the best designs for an elegant and simple look at a wedding.

3)Tiru Antique Bangles

Next in line are bangle sets labelled as a classic take -traditional  antique Indian banglesTiru Antique Bangles set is studded with two stones, Kempu and Polki, which enhance the bangles' beautifully carved and spacious design.

4) Lakshana Antique Bangles

The Lakshana antique bangle set is studded with premium, professionally handcrafted CZ stones. This bangle set has a beautiful floral and ivy pattern, making it the perfect option for a traditional function. Pairing this with an  antique necklace set can enhance your look, making you stand out with its timeless design.

5) Satina Delicate CZ Bangles

The Satina Delicate CZ bangles  offer a unique blend of luxury and simplicity with its classic gold-plated brass finish. The bangle set is a modern take on a traditional design.

The colourful stones studded between the white CZ give the circular design of this bangle set a luxurious look. These bangles can be perfectly paired with a suit or a saree, while a similar stone-studded necklace will give you the look you have always wanted.

5 Most Popular Types Of Indian Bracelets Designs For Women

Besides bangles, Indian women use bracelets as an outfit enhancer. The most important thing to remember while choosing a bracelet is the style and pairing. While the size and material have equal importance in choosing bracelets, the design ranks above the two. Our designs at Tarinika are all about the product and our customers' designs and looks. We promise that you’ll love everyone you set your eyes on!

 1) Anokhi Antique Bracelet

With high-quality CZ stones and a unique charming design, the Anoki Antique Bracelet is set to enhance any saree! The bracelet is carved out of a circular base design with a stone-studded swan in the middle, giving it a unique look.

 2) Floral Delicate CZ Bracelet

If you are looking for abracelet design that is thin and intricate, then this Floral Delicate CZ Bracelet is for you. This bracelet is light and has beautiful stone-studded flowers in the middle.

The unique look of this bracelet makes it perfect to wear at your office or home without worrying about the pairing, as it can be blended with a simple everyday look.

3) Zharat Delicate CZ Bracelet

With flawless gold plating and handcrafted CZ stone, the Zharat Delicate CZ Bracelet perfectly matches light-coloured sarees. Its plain design, studded with remarkable shining stones, has a simple yet classy look. The eye-shaped design of this bracelet makes it a must for your traditional function.

4) Jalaja Lotus Bud Bracelet

Lotus florals and pearls inspire the Jalaja Lotus Bud Bracelet, as indicated by its name. This beautiful gold-plated jewellery has a subtle plain design and a lotus. It is also an open-clasp bracelet, making it a great addition to your outfit of the day.

5) Sholia Delicate CZ Bracelet

This is one of the most extraordinary  bracelet designs you have ever seen. If you are looking for something out of the box, then Sholia Delicate CZ Bracelet is perfect.

This bracelet has an 8-line design with stones studded at the end like a petal. The gold-plated finish makes it a perfect accessory for your wrist at dinner with your loved ones or a girls-only cocktail party.

5 Important Tips To Know Before Finalising The Right Bracelet Or Bangle Set For You

Now, after you have looked at some of the most popular bangle and bracelet designs, it is critical to know everything you should know before buying one for yourself or your loved ones. Here are some of the essential tips to keep in mind before purchasing the bangle set for you:

 1) Mix Different Styles of Bangle Sets

Bangles are the most versatile jewellery accessory - a stylistic advantage. Try mixing different styles bangle sets and pairing them with suitable sarees. This will give you a different look and a unique appearance that no one else has.

 2) Less is More

Wear fewer bangles than you would usually wear on a single hand. Stick to less elegant and charming designs. Wearing more than three bangles in a single hand will not only make it hard for you to handle them and make your wrist look bulky, which you won't want.

 3) Choose The Right bangle sets for Different Occasions

If you keep attending multiple functions and outings, consider having different and fitting bangle sets for each occasion. For example, you should avoid wearing bangle sets that pair perfectly with a wedding ceremony for your office party as they might not suit the attire.Try setting aside different sets of bangles for different occasions - shine and look elegant at every step of your day.

 4) Fit Your Bangles When Buying

To choose a piece of jewellery that fits you, we recommend you be aware of the size of thebangle set or bracelets before buying. While looking for options online, you must read about the available sizes of the bangle set and only then place an order.

 5) Choose A Bangle to Fit Your Style

 Find the right style ofbangles and bracelets that perfectly matches your personality and embrace your look.

 6) Consider Your Sleeve Length

This is one of the essential tips that we suggest you look into. Knowing your sleeve length can help you find the best pair of bangles and bracelets that suit you. There are many options available all around, and to find the perfect and most suitable, you must be aware of your sleeve length as it will play a vital role when you pair the bangle set with a saree or a corporate suit.

Finding the Right Bangle for Your Wedding Day

Marriage bangles are indeed an essential and iconic part of any Indian wedding. When it comes towedding day bangles, many options are available, from pure gold to stone studded designs. Here are some tips to know theperfect bangle type for your wedding day.

 1) They Should Match With Your Bridal Outfit

The safest thing to consider is wearing a set of bangles matching your bridal outfit's colour. If you are wearing a red saree or lehenga at your wedding, pairing it with a set of bangles of a similar shade is the safest bet. If you are sticking to the basic single-colour bangles, add two stone-studded or gold finishing pieces on both ends to make your bridal look astonishing.

 2) Use Colorful Shades

Pair yourbridaljewellery in contrast to the colour of your lehenga or saree. You can opt for wearing bangles that mix the shades of your saree or lehenga. The multi-coloured bangle set gives your wrists a contrasting look that every bride would look forward to at her wedding.

 3) Try Something Traditional

Why not add traditional gold Kadas or Kangans to your bridal repertoire? Adorn your wrists with the timeless beauty 

Our Finest Bangle Collection

At Tarinika, we honour our roots at every opportunity. The bangle collection at Tarinika is one of the finest and most traditional-looking designs that can be paired with any attire. 

Choose the best jewellery from our collections for a wedding, vacation, office party, client meeting, or family get-together - our bangles. 

Advantages Of Buying Bangles Online Over Offline

There is a massive difference betweenbuying bangles online and buying them at a store. At our online store, you will find over 1000 jewellery designs handcrafted by our artisans, giving you many options to choose from. Here are some reasons you should consider buying bangles online rather than at a store: 

  • Convenience: You don't have to plan a trip to the closest jewellery store while shopping for bangles online. Pick up your phone or laptop, log in, and choose the pieces you want to buy!
  • Better Prices: Bangles come in different types, sizes, and designs, and each of them comes at a different price.
  • More Variety: Our online store offers various types of bangles, which can be viewed on the spot and customised to order. While you may have to wait a while for a clerk or a shopkeeper to allow you to view, try on and then buy.
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