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10 Must-Have Kundan Jewelry Pieces for Your Collection

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KundanJewellery is a timeless and elegant style that has been a part of Indian culture for centuries. Uncut Kundan stones are intricately placed on gold or silver plating to create unique designs. Kundanjewellery making is a tradition passed down through generations - only experienced artisans can create this type ofjewellery. It remains a popular choice for Indian women and women worldwide sincekundan stones are versatile enough to match any outfit, whether for a wedding or everyday wear.Tarinika hasan exquisite collection ofkundanjewellery – here are ten must-haves from our exquisite collection:  

1.Taahira Kundan Earrings

TheseTaahira Kundan Earrings showcase a traditional Indian design with kundan stones set in a gold base amid white CZ stones. The dangling line of pearls adds to the beauty of these earrings. Pair them with dark-colored outfits like a burgundy saree, or wear them with a solid forest green gown for a Western look. 


2. Sharon Kundan Ring

This ring features a bright stone set amid white stones and pearls and is perfect for everyday wear. Available in two colours, it's suitable for any occasion or day.Modern kundan jewellery like theSharon Kundan Ring make great statement pieces. Wear this as a bold stand-out piece with your favourite outfit! 

3. Classic Kundan Layered Necklace Set 

This necklace set features a matinee length, with floral motifs on each side and dangling synthetic beads to give it a more layered look. Pair it with a Banarasi saree for the perfect Indian look. Modern kundan jewellery like this necklace set look best when paired with other kundan jewellery. 

4.Nyra Kundan Earrings

These voluminousNyra Kundan Earrings have enamel, colours, kundan stones, and pearls set in gold, adding depth to even the blandest outfits. The detailing on these earrings with a central floral motif gives it a timeless look that will stay trendy for years. 

5. Timeless Kundan Necklace Set 

ThisTimeless Kundan Necklace Set features a princess-length necklace and drop earrings that look well with anything and everything. The necklace features a central floral motif with three dangling pearls, giving it a stunning look. Give more wear to your set by putting out just the earrings for festive events. Modern kundan  

6. Aangi Kundan Anklets 

TheseAangi Kundan Anklets are a winner for those who like to keep the old, Indian traditional way alive. A gold polish on a symmetric design makes this jewellery piece wholesome. Wear it throughout the day or at night, in the payal style with Indian outfits and as an anklet for a Western look


7. Naviya Kundan Necklace Set 

ThisNaviya Kundan Necklace Set kundan jewellery set is subtle enough to catch most eyes, with a three-strand necklace and earrings that reflect a layered look. The first strand features kundan stones, the second a pearl chain, and the last a strand of kundan jewellery is set amid white CZ stones. It's also available in a red variant and is best paired with a traditional Indian outfit. Wear your Tarinika kundan jewellery set with your favourite outfit! 


8. Gitika Antique Jhumka Earrings 

TheGitika Antique Jhumka Earrings feature a gorgeous blend of oxidized kundan jewellery with CZ stones and pearls, giving you a look that no other jewellery piece can. Made with high-quality brass, this jewellery piece will stay in your collection, and Tarinika's one-year warranty ensures that you have a piece that can withstand wear and tear.


9. Zuri Kundan Bangles 

These Zuri Kundan Bangles are set in gold tone to give you an elevated look, with a unique design that is versatile enough to go with every occasion, outfit, and look. Stack them up for a bold look, wear them as a bracelet, or opt for the traditional way of wearing them with other kundan jewellery. Bangles are the best way to showcase your favourite kundan jewellery in all its glory. 


10. Malini Pearl Beads Kundan Necklace Set 

TheMalini Pearl Beads Kundan Necklace Set features kundan pendants, white CZ stones on two sides, and a middle charm with earrings in the same style to match. Wear this kundan necklace set and charm your way through any occasion! Kundan jewellery sets are the best to wear to any occasion.

Wear the minimalist earrings to get-together parties or wear the whole set to festive occasions for a perfect look. With Tarinika's free shipping policy, you can order this set today.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan