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Here's How to Style your Oxidized Jewellery for Navratri

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Navratri is one of the most famous Hindu festivals celebrated around the world. It is a biannual festival that is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. The Goddess Durga is worshipped during the nine nights of Navratri to reminisce how the goddess fought with the demon Mahishasura to prevent the earth, hell, and heaven from his bad deeds. Nine different avatars of Goddess Durga are worshipped during Navratri.

People celebrate Navratri in different ways like decorating houses and mandirs, observing fast, dancing, and feasting. There are many dance forms performed during Navratri in different regions with Garba being the most popular one. It is a type of dance form which is performed in circular movements using hands and feet. It is performed in big circles representing the circle of life which starts from birth to death to rebirth leaving only the Goddess Durga as the constant.  

People thoroughly enjoy themselves while performing Garba. During Navratri times, everyone wants to look perfect. And, to complement the outfit, you need perfect jewellery. Oxidized jewelleryis one of the best types of jewellery that will complete your look during Navratri due to its versatility. Oxidized jewellery is the substitute for silver jewellery. If you don’t have the budget to go with silver jewellery, oxidized jewellery is your saviour during Navratri celebrations. Nowadays, the accessibility of oxidized jewellery has increased exponentially. You will find various types of alloys like brass, copper, and zinc used for making oxidized jewellery. Oxidized jewellery acts as a style statement for Navratri celebrations because it is affordable and accessible making it a suitable ornament for men and women. This guide will help you to style the right type of oxidized jewellery with your outfit so that you are ready to rock the Navratri celebrations. 

Styling Oxidized Earrings with Navratri Outfit

Oxidized earrings will catch the eye of the audience if you pair them with your outfit during Navratri celebrations. The most common types of oxidized earrings are oxidized jhumkas, hoops, danglers, chandbalis, and studs to name a few.

tarinika oxidized earrings 

Oxidized earrings are the best fit for Navratri celebrations and will go well with every garment that you opt for. In case you plan to wear a simple necklace, go with large-sized earrings. This will divert all the focus to your earrings. If you want to wear sleeveless tunics, go with the oxidized jhumkas.

 tarinika oxidized jhumka earrings

Styling Oxidized Necklaces with Navratri Outfit 

Oxidized necklaces act as thecentre of attention for everyone around you during Navratri celebrations. Pairing them up with a kalamkari kurti will add to your elegance. Following are some of the suggestions for styling oxidized necklaces with your Navratri outfits:  

  • Silver oxidized jewellery sets with the artwork of Gods and Goddesses are best suited for Navratri.
  • Up your Navratri fashion quotient by pairing oxidized choker sets with your outfit.
  • If you are wearing a heavy choli dress on Navratri, go for a minimalistic look with a simple oxidized necklace to complete your look. 
  • Oxidized necklaces look exceptionally fine with Anarkali salwar suits.

tarinika oxidized necklace sets 

Styling Oxidized Chokers with Navratri Outfit

 If you are planning to have a minimalistic look at this Navratri, going for an oxidized choker will make you look phenomenal. The oxidized choker is designed with a gold braided thread attachment making it look more elegant and durable.Pair up an oxidized choker with a simple kurta dress to add a unique style statement during Navratri. Oxidized choker sets are available in various designs giving you multiple options to choose from. Wearing simple yet elegant dresses have become a new fashion during the Navratri celebrations. Therefore, an oxidized choker set is the best fit for your minimalistic look.

 tarinika oxidized choker sets

Styling Oxidized Bangles with Navratri Outfit

Bangles are one of the most important ornaments during any religious ceremony and have deep-rooted cultural significance. Oxidized bangles have become a new style statement during the Navratri celebrations. If you want to wear a simple white kurta or denim jeans, going with oxidized bangles will offer a new perspective on your style. You can wear the oxidized bangles designed with brass or copper to have an elegant look. If you want to wear any dress then also oxidized bangles can be appropriately styled with them. Trendy oxidized bangles also go well with other oxidized jewellery like necklaces, studs, jhumkas, etc. giving your outfit an aesthetic look that can be worn for any festive occasion.   If you want a more elegant look, oxidized bracelets are the best fit for you. You can wear an oxidized bracelet with choli or a simple kurta and jeans to complete your Navratri look.

 tarinika oxidized bangles

Styling Oxidized Statement Rings with Navratri Outfit

Oxidised rings can give your Navratri outfit a new elegance and charm. Your look is incomplete if you are not adorned with a big oxidized ring during Navratri celebrations. An oxidized ring goes well with casual as well as ethnic outfits. You can even customize your oxidized rings for Navratri with name tags to get an exclusive look. You can opt for a small as well as a big oxidized statement ring to complete your look for Navratri. You can pair this ring with any outfit because it is suitable for any time and occasion. You can even wear more than one oxidized ring with a different pattern. But you just need to play with the designs if you want to wear more than one oxidized ring. Oxidized rings come in different colors therefore, you can choose the color of the ring as per your outfit. Besides that, oxidized rings are very affordable that will make your wardrobe more versatile.

 tarinika oxidized rings

Styling Oxidized Anklets with Navratri Outfit

Your ankles need undivided attention during the festivities of Navratri. You can adorn your ankles with oxidized anklets. A pair of oxidized payals will highlight your ankles making them look exceptionally graceful during Navratri. Oxidized anklets give a classy look to your outfit. You can pair up oxidized payals with lehenga during the Navratri. If you want to wear some simple kurta, simple oxidized anklets with minimalistic craftsmanship will suffice your needs. Oxidized anklets are best-suited to long and floating kurta dresses.  

Maintenance of Oxidized Jewellery 

The maintenance of oxidized jewellery plays a key role in increasing its longevity. Following are the three main ways of cleaning your oxidized jewellery: 

  1. Use baking soda

Baking soda is a great way to clean your oxidized jewellery. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with warm water to make a cleaning paste. Rub this paste on the jewellery parts as needed. Allow this paste to assimilate into the jewellery for a few minutes and then gently wash it away with lukewarm water. Dry the jewellery with a piece of a soft cloth.  

  1. Use toothpaste

Apply toothpaste to the oxidized jewellery that you want to clean. Pour warm water on the jewellery items to clean all the dirt and dust. When foam starts forming, use a toothbrush to clean the jewellery. Gently rub the oxidized jewellery and rinse it off.  

  1. Use dishwashing liquid

Pour dishwashing liquid into lukewarm water and stir it well. Make sure that bubbles are not formed. Dip your oxidized jewellery in the solution and leave it immersed for half an hour. After some time, clean the jewellery pieces and wipe them off with a clean towel.  

If you store your oxidized jewellery properly then you increase the chances of reusing it in the long run. You can preserve your jewellery in pouches and allow them to remain separate to prevent tangling. Even if you want to wear imitation jewellery regularly, put on the jewellery at the last when dressing. This will increase the longevity of your oxidized jewellery.  


Oxidized jewellery is affordable and accessible anywhere in the country. You can buy it from the physical stores available around you at a decent price. In the olden times, only silver was used for making oxidized jewellery which was not affordable for everyone. With the introduction of imitation oxidized jewellery made from brass and copper, the accessibility and affordability of oxidized jewellery have increased ten-folded. Oxidized jewellery is best suited for any festivity. Styling the right kind of oxidized jewellery with the right outfit is the key to looking your best anytime. With the incredible craftsmanship involved in making oxidized jewellery, ensure that you look your elegant best this Navratri by adding oxidized jewellery pieces to your Navratri wardrobe. Explore our recently added Maati collection for some unique fashion ideas for Navratri.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan