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Top Bridal Earrings For Your Indian Wedding

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Planning your outfit for a wedding requires hours if not days of careful preparation. Why? Because special occasions, such as an extravagant Indian wedding, demand the need to look and feel your best. 

However, achieving that desired bridal look requires selecting different components, for example, beautiful earrings that match your wedding attire. 

Regardless of whether you’re trying to achieve a traditional lehenga motif or a more modern, elegant look, centered around a beautiful modern saree, complemented with the right accessories, such as a matching set of elegant Indian bridal earrings.

Accessorizing a beautiful wedding dress - especially with bespoke bridal jewelry - can be an equally time-consuming and arduous task. 

To make it easier for you to shop for different types of jewelry, Tarinika offers one of the widest collection of Indian bridal jewelry, designed to save you time and put the “fun” back into online jewelry shopping.

In this article, we take a look at one of the most important parts of your wedding jewelry: choosing the right pair of earrings for your wedding day.

Read through to find out more about Tarinika’s new and exciting designs of earrings now available at, specifically for Indian weddings.

#1 Radha Bridal Earrings

Tarinika’s Radha Bridal Set features an exquisite royal design, comprised of antique plated earrings that are best suited for traditional Indian weddings.

The set is made of Cubic Zirconia stones enabling you to achieve an elegant, classy look fit for royalty.

Radha Bridal Earrings, with their sophisticated design, brilliant gemstones, set to 14 karat gold makes you the center of attention.

Radha Bridal Earrings present an intricate, formal look suited for an Indian wedding outfit, with the simplicity to also be worn with indo-western clothing.

If you are looking for the perfect earring for your wedding, look no further than Tarinika’s Radha Bridal Earrings.

Shop the entire Radha Bridal look on or buy only the earrings.

#2 Aariya Bridal Earrings

Tarinika’s Aariya Earrings are hand-crafted gold plated earrings, purposefully designed to help brides stand out from the crowd.

Charming and elegant, Aariya earrings features one of Tarinika’s most exciting custom bridal jewelry designs ever offered.

Every woman has experienced their significant other rolling their eyes in disgust, as to why finding a simple pair of earrings is so difficult.

To put it in layman’s terms, so even the average male can understand, having the right pair of earrings is crucial because your head and face receive the most attention. 

Aariya earrings, impressing your guests is an afterthought, easily allowing brides like you to get the attention you truly deserve on your big day.

Aariya earrings present graceful,  sophisticated design, is made with cubic zirconia stones set to, 14-karat gold, which is also surprisingly lightweight. Does it get any better?

Buy the Aariya Bridal Earrings or check out the complete Aariya bridal jewelry set on

#3 Malavika Bridal Jhumka Earrings

Tarinika’s Malavika Bridal Jhumka Earrings offers a symphonic combination of brilliant high-end gemstones, set to 14 karat gold, to create a truly unique presentation.

Looking anything but your best for your wedding is simply not an option, which is why at Tarinika, our extensive selection of jewelry lets you achieve the exact look you are trying to achieve.

You have the rest of your life to invoke compromise when it comes to putting together your ensemble, but your Wedding Day should be about doing the little things to make your wedding experience one of the most special experiences of your life.

Malavika presents a majestic, chic custom-designed look and feels that allows clients, to make the ever-lasting memories they expect to have from their wedding.

Tarinika’s Malavika earrings are both tasteful, and delicate, easily able go with any Indian saree design or wedding theme.

What sets Tarinika apart from other brands, is our ability to offer our high-end products at affordable prices.

Shop for Malavika Bridal Earrings or check out the whole Malavika bridal look.


Tarinika is dedicated to providing our customers with the convenience and luxury of finding Indian jewelry selections that intimately align with all of their fashion needs and design preferences. 

With over a 1000 Indian jewelry designs to choose from at, our extensive selection of high-end Indian jewelry caters to the needs and preferences of an equally diverse demographic. 

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